Check in Protocol


In order for us to provide you, the client, with the best massage experience possible, we have implemented a few policies. You can also open our “What to Expect During Your Massage” brochure by clicking this link. The following is the routine check-in protocol for your massage at Aquarian Age.


Please call to cancel BEFORE the 24 hour period of your appointment so that we can adjust the schedule appropriately for you as well as your therapist. We only charge a 50% penalty against your account IF you do NOT call BEFORE the 24 hours of your appointment, and WE DO CHARGE for NO-SHOWS.

We sincerely thank you for your consideration of your therapist’s time.

PARKING: Cherry Street can be a very busy area. Please arrive early enough to allow time to find a parking space. Do give yourself more time on the weekends.


You will be required to fill out a short client intake form on your first visit. You can click the link Client Intake Form to print and fill out.. to shorten that process just a bit. If not… please arrive early to allow time to do so before your appointment. Our therapists need to know about injuries, surgeries, allergies to body oils or essential oils, pregnancy (important upon scheduling!), as well as other concerns that you may have. We take this moment to encourage you to talk to your therapist about concerns or degree of applied pressure.


We accept cash or credit cards (Master Card, Visa, American Express, Discover). We usually process the deposit upon your arrival. But, if we are busy, we would allow you to proceed to your room. Then you would need to stop by the desk so that we could process payment upon your departure.


Our therapists are absolutely wonderful! They take their time with each client to make sure therapies and any possible advice is given to help assist with healing… so we understand when clients wish to leave a gratuity.

Our therapists accept CASH tips, and/or we can charge your gratuity onto your CREDIT CARD upon your arrival or departure, whichever is more convenient for you. We usually hold cash tips for them at the front desk, as it is safer than leaving it in the room. This can also be more convenient for a client, as well as the therapist, on a busy day. We assure you that your gratuity is most appreciated. Thank you.



Before your massage, we respectfully request that you place your cell on airplane mode. By doing so… your time, as well as the time of the therapist are sufficiently protected.

We also encourage a relaxing environment in the hallways as well as the dressing rooms. In these areas, we request that cell communication be done via text… as our walls are thin and lively conversations will disrupt that peace for other clients. Also while visiting the steam or sauna, please turn your cell volume down or place on airplane mode while it is in the locker (or left in the room). We want encourage you to take time to breathe and relax during your visit, whether you are visiting for the sauna, steam or for a massage. THANK YOU for your understanding.


Do you hope to sauna or steam BEFORE your appointment?

Yes? Please arrive at least 15-20 minutes early. This should allow enough time for you to check into your room, to change and for you to enjoy at least a five minute steam before your massage, if not… please steam after your massage. When we are slow… we do allow client’s to hold their room a little longer than usual. However, when we are busy we must make the room available for the next client.

We do have changing rooms & lockers available for the extended visit, so please let us know if you’d like to stay longer to steam. We want your stay with us to be as relaxing as possible.


We do provide paper cups and water. You are welcome to bring your own towels and/or sarong for cover-up. We also provide towels, if you wish. You are welcome to bring flip-flops. We encourage you to bring your own water bottles. It is very important that you remain sufficiently hydrated during and after using the steam/sauna. Our facilities are CO-ED. We expect our clients to be respectful of others and…. REMAIN COVERED AT ALL TIMES. 


Please note that if YOU are NOT used to steaming then you should start gradually. Five minutes might be enough for you… then move up slightly a few minutes with each visit, if you are comfortable. Everyone is different. There are those that prefer sauna heat, and those that prefer the steam. Dehydration and overheating are possible. Pay attention to your body. DO NOT OVER DO IT


We arrange the appointments for the couples room so that clients will have access to use the private steam for 30 minutes before and/or after the massage. We then must prepare the room for the next appointment. We thank you for your consideration and understanding.

Deep Tissue Massage:  

Please note that you will be sore the next day and it may cause bruising. Reminder: DO drink plenty of water after your massage as well as the next day. All massage results in detox, but Deep Tissue can result in a heavier detox.

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