Our Couple’s Suite

After you check-in at our front desk we will lead you upstairs to your private suite. There you will find a cozy, secluded space that boasts its own private restroom, steam room and massage room with shower.  There’s no extra charge to schedule the Couple’s Suite, only single rates apply to each client.  A couple’s massage is a wonderful way to introduce someone new to the massage experience. It simply helps one to feel more at ease to have someone they know in the room with them. We invite you to escape for an hour or so… to take time to steam, to enjoy a friend’s company, to heal, to simply breathe…. our therapists await your arrival here at Aquarian Age Massage.

Due to the unique requirements for our couple’s massages, we ask that clients call 918-587-5877 to schedule these services. Thank you.

Rates are as follows:
One-hour Couples Massage       $140
90 Minute Couple’s Massage     $210
Two-hour Couple’s Massage      $280

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