Rates and Services


Below are the Rates and Services offered here at Aquarian Age Massage.
We offer Integrated MassageDeep Tissue Massage, Swedish Massage, Remedial Massage, Sport Massage and Trigger Point Massage in all of the time increments listed below.  Just specify when booking your massage. To see full descriptions of each type of massage, please click HERE.


30 minute                                                     $38.00

45 minute                                                     $45.00

1 hour   (60 minutes)                                   $60.00

1 1/2 hour (90 minutes)                               $90.00

2 hours (120 minutes)                                 $120.00


Specialty Massages (requires booking by phone)


Aromatherapy Massage (90 minutes)      $90.00

Hot Stone Massage  (60 minutes)            $90.00rates and services

Sinus Relief Massage (30 minutes)          $40.00

Foot Massage with Salt Scrub

(15 minutes add-on feature)                     $15.00

One-Hour Couples Massage                    $120.00

90 Minute Couples Massage                    $180.00

Two-Hour Couples Massage                     $240.00

Royal Thai Massage  (60 minutes)           $90.00

Royal Thai Massage  (90 minutes)           $135.00

Royal Thai Massage  (120 minutes)         $180.00

Pre-natal Massage requires that the client be through her first trimester of pregnancy. Clients must call to schedule pre-natal massages. We do not allow online bookings for this service.
Steam is complimentary with every massage.

Steam Room individual rates:

$16.00  towel provided

$14.00 you provide your own towel

Click on the link below to choose the date and time of your massage


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