Jessi Cook

Take a day to heal from the lies you’ve told yourself and the ones that have been told to you.                     
~ Maya Angelou  prenatal massage
Education: Community Care College                             
Years in Trade:  8
Previous Work Experience:
American Airlines, CAT Logitics, Blockbuster Video
Areas of Expertise:
Pre-Natal (after 1st Trimester and preferred note from Physician), Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue Massage.
Jessi’s specialty is prenatal massage.  She truly enjoys helping expectant mothers relax by working out those trouble areas in the lower back, hips, legs and feet. Jessi uses deep tissue work combined with relaxation methods to help her clients relax in order for her to work out knots and tight muscles. She enjoys learning new techniques and is currently studying Trigger Point Release Therapy.  Jessi believes in using natural medicine to heal and became a therapist in order to learn new ways of helping people to heal themselves naturally.  Her favorite part of any massage is learning how she was able to help someone feel better.

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