Father’s Day Special

Father’s Day Special

Spoil Him Head to Toe!

father's day

The Mountain Man  

60 minutes $85

90 minutes $120

  • This treatment begins with a customized stress-buster muscle meltdown massage, focusing on the neck, shoulders and back.

  • Then a relaxing foot, reflexology/massage followed by a dream inducing scalp massage.

  • This special treatment ends with a hot towel facial treatment.

  • Exclusive Aromatherapy blend with earthy essential oils such as cedar wood, lemongrass, and balsam fir.

Father’s Day Sports Massage

60 minute $60

90 minute $90

Our special treatments targeting the different muscle groups used in different activities:

  • Golfer’s massage concentrating on the muscles used to swing a golf club

  • Massage for runners or bikers concentrating on legs and back, or massage for recovery

  • Post Weekend Warrior Massage: Deep tissue massage which includes application of arnica gel and warming liniment .

  • Tension Tamer Special: targeted back massage with stress reducing hot towel.




25 Reasons to get a massage:

1. Relieve stress

2. Relieve postoperative pain

3. Reduce anxiety

4. Manage low-back pain

5. Help fibromyalgia pain

6. Reduce muscle tension

7. Enhance exercise performance

8. Relieve tension headaches

9. Sleep better

10. Ease symptoms of depression

11. Improve cardiovascular health

12. Reduce pain of osteoarthritis

13. Decrease stress in cancer patients

14. Improve balance in older adults

15. Decrease rheumatoid arthritis pain

16. Temper effects of dementia

17. Promote relaxation

18. Lower blood pressure

19. Decrease symptoms of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

20. Help chronic neck pain

21. Lower joint replacement pain

22. Increase range of motion

23. Decrease migraine frequency

24. Improve quality of life in hospice care

25. Reduce chemotherapy-related nausea

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Mother’s Day Specials

Mother's Day Specials


Mother’s Day Specials

One-Hour Hot Stone Massage

$76.50! (regular price $90)

One-hour Mother-Daughter Massage

$102. (regular price $120) 

To purchase Gift Certificates

click HERE then choose “SERVICE”


Mother Day Specials at Aquarian Age.
Are you still looking for the perfect Mother’s Day gift for the woman who held you when you were little, hugged you when you were sad, talked to you when you were down, cooked wonderful meals or simply was there for you when you needed her? Luckily for you, we are offering Mother’s Day Special at significant savings for that special woman in your life.  Book now and reserve her spot. Or click here to purchase Mom a gift certificate! Offer good from April 25th through May 13th, 2018.
Surprise her with a relaxing day of pampering that she’ll never forget. Here are a couple of suggestions to make your search a little easier:
– Book our Mother’s Day Hot Stone Massage and save 15%! One Hour for $76.50 (Reg. $90)
– Book our special Couple’s Massage for Mother and Daughter and save 15%! One-Hour for $102 (Reg. $120)
– Both specials can be purchased as Gift Certificates both online and at the Front Desk at Aquarian Age Massage!

Treat a deserving mother, grandmother, aunt, mother-in-law, or sister to a day of pampering this Mother’s Day.  


Buy 4- 1 Hour Massages for $200

Our Buy Four 1 Hour Massages for $200 is Back!

November 1st, 2017- January 2nd, 2018

buy three get one free

Click the link here

Our Buy 4- 1 Hour Massages for $200 Promotion is back!  This is a 25% discount that can be used in any increment you desire! That is four one-hour massages for $200! (Regularly $240)

Gift certificates are also available, so stop in and give the Gift of Relaxation that will last the whole year!


Aquarian Age Massage has the best steam room in Tulsa. We also offer steam and sauna for walk-in services for a $14 fee with towels provided, or $16 if clients bring their own towels.


Steam and Sauna Package

Aquarian Age Massage

Steam and Sauna


Steam roomAquarian Age Massage is now offering a 25% discount on our one-of-a-kind steam package.

For a limited time, you can purchase 10 session for the low price of $120.00

We boast Tulsa’s only all wood steam, and the relaxing mood here at Aquarian Age cannot be topped!

Click the link here to purchase online.

Steam Room Benefits

  1. Blood Circulation. Exposing the body to heated rooms such as steam rooms or saunas increase the pulse rate by as much as 30 percent. This allows the body to pump more blood throughout the body to improve circulation overall. Experts believe that steam rooms with lower levels are capable of normalizing blood pressure to improve heart function.
  2. Body Detoxification. Steam rooms cause the body to sweat profusely, allowing the body to secrete as much as 22-30 percent of toxins in the body. This helps to improve liver and kidney function by taking away much of the detoxifying responsibilities of these organs. Steam also opens the pores, allowing you to better cleanse the skin.
  3. Respiratory Functions. Several disorders can cause the development of mucus which will clog the respiratory system. Steam therapy will help to melt this mucus so it is easier to drain it from the body. Steam rooms are superior to dry air saunas in this regard as the dry air of a sauna can in fact increase respiratory complications.
  4. Joint Pain Relief. Joint pain is frequently caused by poor circulation to these areas. Steam rooms will help to increase blood flow which can provide relief to those suffering from conditions such as arthritis.
  5. Body Relaxation. Steam rooms are an ideal way to relieve stress and relax the body. Many find that taking the time to enjoy a steam after a long day is a wonderful addition to their routine.
  6. Healthy Skin. Using a steam room provides comprehensive and intensive cleansing for the skin. It also encourages circulation throughout the body and blood flow to the skin so the skin can get the nutrients it needs more easily. Steam rooms have been found to be superior to body wraps in treating cellulite, enhancing collagen development, hydrating the skin, increasing the metabolism and emulsifying fat in the sebaceous glands.
  7. Immune Boosting. Exposing the body to an environment with a very high temperature will temporarily cause fever. This will cause the body to release antibodies that are typically used to combat infectious microorganisms. Doing this consistently will help to improve overall immune system function.
  8. Weight Loss. The high temperatures in a steam room will increase the body’s metabolic rate, making it easier to lose weight.
  9. Hyperthermia. Hyperthermia refers to the body raising its temperature as an attempt to kill off and expel impurities that can harm the body. Steam rooms can artificially induce this condition to make it easier to kill off these infectious bodies.

Valentine’s For One

Valentine’s for One

15% OFF Singles’ Special

A $90 value for $76.50! 

Valentine's for One

 Valentine’s for One  

Come let us pamper you with our custom Valentine’s For One Massage Package.
Package includes:
-A custom 90 minute massage with your choice of Lavender, Lemon-Mint, or Tangerine-Rosemary aromatherapy.
-Relaxing cranial-facial massage, hot facial towel, and soothing foot massage.
-Gift bag with Lavender or Rose Tea Candle and Essential Oil Blend.
And as always, women can use the private whirlpool bath for free if you book Mon-Thurs before 2:30.



Offer good until February 28th, 2018.

Benefits of Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy is a holistic therapy that treats the mind, body and spirit. When essential oils are applied to the body during a massage, the essential oils enter the skin through the hair follicles where they are absorbed in to the blood stream and circulated around the body.

Aromatherapy has many benefits to the person being treated and can:

  • Enhance mood and general feeling of well-being through massage and the use of essential oils.
  • Improve blood and lymphatic circulation through massage and the use of essential oils. Depending upon the essential oils used the blood vessels will either constrict or dilate thereby raising or lowering blood pressure.
  • Balance the hormone production by the endocrine system. Essential oils such as clary sage can mimic oestrogen.
  • Strengthen the immune system by helping to kill viruses, bacteria and fungal infections.
  • Reduce pain.
  • Encourage restful sleep.
  • Improve digestion.



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